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African Mask
African Mask African Mask

African Mask

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Brand: Charlotte Catherine
Product Code: African Mask

This fabulous tropical  kokedama will give you the feeling of Africa without actually having to travel the distance.  Our African Mask will give your room a dash of the exotic and a hint of the striking that typically is found in the tropics.  It is a shade of beautiful emerald black green with V-shaped leaves and bold white veining.   The based has an equally striking green spanish moss cover and is completed with a delicate crochet stitch to give a finishing touch of elegance.  The base is approximately 7” wide and the height of the plant varies from approximately 18” to 24”. 

The showcase displayed in the photo is offered separately. We also offer additional showcases that are stunning and magnificent for that perfect focal point, as well as unique, rare or one of a kind, and naturally, we offer the refined classics that will accentuate any kokedama. All additional showcases are offered at the price indicated and will be shipped separately.  



Dimensions ( L x W x H ): ( 6.00in x 6.00in x 18.00in )
Weight 3.00lb
Base Type Green Spanish Moss
Watering Keep well watered in summer and infrequently in winter. Humidity and heat are the main requirement if you really want a happy Alocasia, mist as much as you can and if possible place on a tray of rocks or pebbles. We recommend watering once every 7 to 14 days. However, all plants will vary in their watering requirements due to environmental differences in temperature and humidity. Place your kokedama in a bowl and fill it with room temperature water until it reaches the base, just below the stem. Let it soak in the water for approximately 2-3 minutes. Remove from the water and gently press the base to remove any excess water. Make sure all excess water is removed before returning to the showcase. We recommend placing your kokedama on a bed of rocks, pebbles, sea shells, or any other item that will allow air to circulate around the kokedama base. Let your kokedama dry out to the point that when you touch the exterior it feels slightly dry and the top of the ball is slightly moist. If your kokedama base has a live cover, you should mist every day or two to help keep the moisture in. Again, this depends on your climate, more humid climates will require less misting and watering, while dryer climates will require more misting and watering.
Light Prefers moderate bright light
Temperature Prefers warmer temperatures with a minimum temperature of 60F.
Fertilizer Fertilize with water soluble plant fertilizer every 3 to 4 weeks. Dissolve fertilizer in water before soaking.

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